Patient Care

It’s not without a reason why Shri Ram Care Hospital in Bilaspur is known for its ‘Exceptional Patient Care’. Caring for our patients and visitors comes naturally to us. Our healthcare methodology is is built upon the foundation of providing quality healthcare to patients and a delightful patient care experience.

Our experienced and efficient patient care services’ team works meticulously day and night to ensure ‘exceptional patient care’. Our patient care services staff is empowered by the way of adequate training, support, and encouragement to reach their potential and give their best, day after day.

Patient Services at Shri Ram Care Hospital

Wellness Centre

Health problems can be managed more effectively if detected at an early stage. This is where our Wellness Clinic comes in to the picture to provide optimal solutions.

Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostic Services at Shri Ram Care Hospital facilitate the provision of timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care to all.

Inpatient Services

Shri Ram Care Hospital Hospital provides a wide range of treatment options for patients with simple and complex health conditions.

Outpatient Services

Shri Ram Care Hospital offers consultation, diagnostic services, health checkups and treatment.


Doctor's Appointment

Eating right, exercising, minimal stress and sleeping well, play a vital role in prevention of infections and diseases.