At Shri Ram Care Hospital, we believe in quality treatment. Hence, we entrust your health in the hands of some of the most experienced doctors ranging from various specialties. We offer the latest innovations in cardiac care and clinical therapies to patients of all ages to give each patient the best care possible.

List of Consultant Doctors For Specialist as a Full Time Consultant:-

S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
01 Dr. Amit Soni D.N.B. (Surgery), C.G.M.C./ 1058/2007
02 Dr. Nitasha Soni M.D. (Medicine), C.G.M.C. /6304/2015
03 Dr. Nitin Dambhare M.D. (Medicine) , M.H.M.C. 2000/01/0459
04 Dr. Aarti Jaiswal M.S. (OBS & Gynaec), C.G.M.C. /2732/2009
05 Dr. Sumitra Nathani D.G.O. (OBS & Gynaec), M.P. M.C. 1833
S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
06 Dr.Bharat Namdev M.D. (Pediatric)
07 Dr.Sashank Singh  M.D. (Pediatric)
08 Dr. Pramod Jaiswal D.N.B. (Ortho), C.G.M.C./1946/2008
09 Dr. Dipti Vinita Nath DA Anesthesia, C.G.M.C./ 2719/2009
10 Dr. Shashikant Sahu M.C.H. (Plastic Surgeon), C.G.M.C./240/04

List of Consultant Doctors For Super Specialist as a Full Time Consultant:-

S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
01 Dr. J.Srinivas MCH (Neuro Surgeon)
02 Dr. Abhaya R. Gupta M.C.H. (Pediatric Surgery), Reg. No. 89192 MH
03 Dr. Shailendra Chaturvedi M.D.S
04 Dr. Khemraj Agarwal M.D.S (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)
05 Dr. Vikas Sharma M.C.H. (Plastic Surgeon), REG.NO. 6622/2015

List of Consultant Doctors For Visiting Consultant:-

S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
01 Dr. Anurag Kumar M.C.H. (Pediatrics Surgery), C.G.M.C./ 498/06
02 Dr. Sunil Sharma M.C.H (Neuro Surgery)
03 Dr. Raj Kumar M.C.H (Neuro Surgery)
04 Dr. Vijay Kumar MCH (Neuro  Surgeon) ,C.G.M.C./101/03
05 Dr. Anindya Roy D.N.B. (Neuro Surgeon)
06 Dr. Kamlesh Maurya D.N.B. (Urology) , C.G.M.C./4107/2012
07 Dr. Ashish Dandhe M.C.H. (Urology)
08 Dr. Akhilesh Jain M.D. D.M. (Cardiology)
09 Dr. Mukesh Laddha M.S. D.N.B, D (Ortho), Regd. No. /2002031240
10 Dr. Pushkal Diwedi Oncologist
11 Dr. Rohit Kumar D.M. (Gastro)
12 Dr. Manish Goyal Diploma Neurology
13 Dr. Shweta Agrawal D.G.O. (OBS & Gynaec), C.G.M.C. /1113/2007
14 Dr. Manorama Awasthi D.G.O. (OBS & Gynaec), C.G.M.C./15/91
15 Dr. Rupesh Agrawal M.D. (Paediatric) , C.G.M.C. /5661/2014
16 Dr. B.B. Agrawal M.D. (Paediatric), C.G.M.C. /1112/2007
17 Dr. Pranav Andhare M.D. (Paediatric) , C.G.M.C. /1027/2007
18 Dr. Sandeep Gupta M.D. (Medicine)
S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
19 Dr. Sourabh Luthra Ophthalmologist, C.G.M.C. /2757
20 Dr. C.S.Rahalkar  M.S. Surgeon, Endoscopist & Oncologist ,  C.G.M.C. /1341
21 Dr. Paritosh Sharma Chest Physician DNB (CHEST)
22 Dr. Pawan Agrawal M.D. (Medicine), C.G.M.C. /412/05
23 Dr. Hemant Chaterjee D. (Ortho) , C.G.M.C. /1282
24 Dr. Sanjeev Khanduja M.S. (Ortho) , REGISTRAION NO. /11790
25 Dr. Rajesh Ahuja M.S. (Ortho)
26 Dr. Anil Chhabra EYE Specialist & Phaco Surgeon , C.G.M.C./ 4498/2012
27 Dr. K.K. Kumar M.B.B.S, M.D. Eye Surgeon
28 Dr. Nilesh Daga B.D.S., REGISTRAION NO. 180
29 Dr. Meenal Daga B.D.S., C.G.M.C./179
30 Dr. Alok Sultania D.D.V.L. (Dermatology) , C.G.M.C./ 2714/2009
31 Dr. P.K. Shrivastava         D.C.P. (Pathology) ,C.G.M.C./ 988/2007
32 Dr. R.P.Mishra M.S. ENT Specialist, C.G.M.C./1741/2008
33 Dr. Ashish Gupta D.A. (Anaesthisist) ,  C.G.M.C. /0084/2003
34 Dr. Jitendra Agarwal D.A. (Anaesthisist)

List of House Doctors On Duty Roaster schedule:-

S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
01 Dr. Rahul Jangde M.B.B.S, MCI 172/300
02 Dr.Surekha Jangde  
03 Dr.Saumya Gauraha  
04 Dr.Vivek Tiwari  
05 Dr.K.K Tiwari  
06 Dr.Shiv Kumar   Paikra  M.B.B.S
07 Dr. Rupal Nanda  M.B.B.S., C.G.M.C./209/2014
08 Dr.Saumya Gauraha  
09 Dr.Smriti M.B.B.S
S. No. Name of Doctors Faculty
10 Dr. Prabha Chandra M.B.B.S. , Under process
11 Dr. Shitla Suryawanshi B.A.M.S., Reg no. 2792
12 Dr. Deepak Yadav B.H.M.S., RHP CG  1042
13 Dr. Vipin Kumar Soni  B.H.M.S., RHP CG 2823
14 Dr.Jagriti BHMS
15 Dr. Prashant Chakraborty Physiotherapist
16 Dr. Piyush  Pandey Physiotherapist
17 Smt. Mayuri Khanduja   Dietician, Reg. No. 17